Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Story...

It was the fall of 1984...the story begins in the band room of Chaparral High School. I was a sophomore on the flag line and he was a freshman trumpet player. We had just gotten back from the Peer Leadership Retreat. A mutual friend of ours, Marni, called "James", to stand up and have the rest of us give him a 'battery recharge' by clapping for him. I can still picture it to this day; this adorable brown eyed freshman tentatively stood up in front of me and 149 of our band peers. His eyes looked like saucers, you know he wanted to kill Marni at that moment. I was standing down in the front with the rest of the color guard team, and I was in love. Well, not 'in love' exactly, but I HAD to meet this adorable "little guy". (He came up to my nose at the time) After we were dismissed, I ran up to him, wrapped my arms around him, hugged him and introduced myself. *Note, I have not introduced myself to anyone like this since. While I was just an enthusiastic extrovert and excited to make a new friend, he on the other hand, was petrified of "The Amazon". A couple of weeks later, I saw him in the guidance counselor's office behind a pile of books. I went from being Scary Amazon Woman to his future best friend. :)
Throughout our budding friendship, we had crushes on each other, here and there, but never at the same time for some reason. One story J likes to share is when we were at a mutual friend's party one time. I was dating someone at the time. He built up the courage to ask me to dance, and my reply was "But Jamie, I already have a boyfriend". Whenever he shares that, I feel so lame, but thinking back objectively, I didn't want to be unfaithful to my boyfriend. Don't think the bf would have minded, but I made a judgment call and besides, he gets to dance with me anytime he wants.
We were best friends! There were countless talks about life and religion, double-dates, family parties w/friends, band trips or hanging out at his place. I asked J to my senior prom, but he had already asked someone else...sniff I asked another boy who became my bf for a couple of years, ya snooze ya lose, right? lol When that bf "dumped me", my sister told me I needed to get over him and get together w/J, my best friend... I told her through my tears, that we were just friends, it wasn't like that w/Jamie. Little did I know, I guess things were 'like that'... As soon as J heard the news, he swooped in the for he says...he wasn't going to miss another opportunity. :-) One November night in 1989, we talked until dawn and we knew that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.
We were married 2 1/2 years later and the rest, as they say, is history.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Boom Booms

Boo Boo is a pretty adventurous girl; taking any opportunity to go outside and explore the world around her. She is always around when people come for a visit and normally a brave little fur ball...except for the dreaded "boom booms"!! Boom booms are REALLY LOUD NOISES such as fireworks in the neighborhood or more recently, THUNDER!!! If the boom booms come when she is in the living room, she will do the belly crawl to a place of safety, strategically placing her fluffy little self where she can't 'see' the boom booms and the boom booms can't 'see' her. Poor little soul has been in the kitchen hiding by the fridge most of the evening. Unfortunately, I can relate...I'm not a fan of the boom booms either. :)

More than friends...

I just came across this photo of Jake & I with Jake, Sarah & Bella Peloquin on Bella's dedication Sunday, Mother's Day '09. We were honored to be a part of such a meaningful occasion. I'm so grateful that they "adopted" us, and we "adopted" them right back. Their friendship is one of those that no matter the time or distance between us, we are never far away in our hearts. Love you guys!!

Picked Scab...

We lost Jim almost 10 months ago. Today was he and Charlie's 44th wedding anniversary. It feels like the scab on the wound of losing him was picked off today and the skin underneath is fresh and tender again.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tribute to Jim & Charlie

I not only married my best friend, 18 years ago, but I married his family, as well. I got the little brother I never had and the best in-laws a girl could ever hope for... seriously.

They say that the best way a man can love his children is by loving their mother and boy did he. Jim and Charlie were hardworking and dedicated to giving their sons the best life they could; camping, skiing, was the most important thing. Jim and Charlie were best friends...they shared a passion for horses and tasting life, and they shared this love with their kids.

I am blessed to have countless memories with Jim and Charlie...primitive camping, and all the 'critters' that come with that...downhill skiing, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"...horseback riding... square dancing in a barn...driving through the night to see family in MN...divinely placed rest areas in eastern CO...lunches in Vail Village...foot rubs in the back seat...moonlight gondola rides on Easter morning...practical jokes...laughs...openness and and devotion...they have enriched my life and have helped me become the woman I am today.

Jim went to be with Jesus last September. Our last moments together were precious and we had absolutely no regrets. Jim went home knowing what he means to me, and I know what I meant to him.

Thank you, Mom & Dad. Your marriage was a beautiful example of unconditional love and devotion; this is one of the best gifts you could give your kids.

I love you!!